Advance and define Your Own definition and theory of rhetoric.

Directions: write an essay in respones to this question, answering each part fully.
no outside sources from any website, if you are not follow, you will get a 0 point.
use the scources from the reading given, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me

1. advance and define Your Own definition and theory of rhetoric. In presenting your theory, address the following issues:

a. What is rhetoric?

Rhetoric- art of comfort, persuasion,expression, crital thinking, ethics, power, style, enlightement, new knowledge, truth, postmodern , male&female voices

b. Choose ONE of these metaphors that has help you understand rhetoric the most

Metaphor: Love, Art( expressive, eyes, reflect reality, entertainment, visual, awe) , Medicine, Magic, War

C. after that, PERSONALLY define this metaphor( i.e. what to you is Art, is lovem is war, ect…drawing from your own experience and examples)

d. this is the important part, explain/ parallel how it is similar to your idfinition of rhetoric: Why would you choose this metaphor to describe rhetoric? what are their similar features? what are the differences?

e. Throughout this essay, you must draw on FIVE rhetorical theorists in constructing your answer, at least one of them from the classical period, and at least one from the postmodern era. The other three can be at your discretion

f. Moverover, i will be looking for connections to themes, including but not limited to : epistemology, ontology, mind/body dualism, ethics, aduience responsibility/response-ability ect.

Classical period: Plato, Longinus ect…
Postmodern – Foucault ect..

please follow the instruction and be specific , remember , you are not allow to use other sources from internet.


Rhetoric is the refinement of our communicative life for the cooperation of socirty

Refinement: stylized , humane, art

Awe- Beyond Mundane

Communicative life: persuasion, root= ‘ believe’

Epistemic: coming to know the world, creating meaning, magic

Society: ontology, why, how, medicine

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