African American Music before 1960s and after 1960\’s

When writing about literature, you should use the present tense.

Paper: Introduction with a clear thesis, body, and conclusion

Type of paper: Discussion/Comparison

Literature from: The Present and the Past

Literature literature from the present(1960 – Present) and discuss its connection to literature from the past (before 1960s).

Comparing music from 1960s and on to music before the 1960\’s in African American culture. The messages they were trying to present etc. You\’ll understand once you read the materials I upload.

Format: 12 font, time or times new roman, double space

There should not be long quotations from the book in this essay, which is not a research paper.

The focus is your analysis of the literature.

If you want to you one or two other sources of information just (one or two and NO WIKIPEDIA) please cite in MLA format:

Here is a link that will help you with MLA documentation:


to analyze
to discussion the connection of the piece(s) to the past
to write a classic essay
to write a one sentence thesis
to write specific topic sentences that relate to the thesis
to write a paragraph that develops a central idea
to write a concluding sentence that relates to the topic sentence
to distinguish between an introduction and a conclusion
note the grammar
proofread the paper

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