Analyze BudiBar in terms of the methods/strategies that are put forth in the Lean Startup, by Eric Ries.

The Lean Startup Paper
Length: 4 pages – just 4, no more!
Format: Normal size fonts with normal margins, double spaced, typed. You will most likely be emailing this to me, so please make sure that when I print it, it will be four pages, legible, etc… (I should not need to do any formatting for you….)

Your task is to analyze BudiBar in terms of the methods/strategies that are put forth in the Lean Startup, by Eric Ries. The challenge will be to organize a well written paper in only 4 pages. Business writing needs to be concise and direct. You will need to cull what are the key issues espoused by the text and argue your points to that end.
A well-written paper will underline the first introduction of the theory (terms) from the book and put relevant page numbers in parenthesis in the sentence. Formal footnote techniques are not required in this effort.
Ex: (made up…) “ In looking at XYZ corp. their Minimal Viable Product – “MVP” (31) is a basic web page where the customers get an invitation to create an account and sign up for monthly email notifications that…… This version of their MVP will be essential because…….”
Note: You do not need to cite (page number) or underline each future occurrence to the phrase “MVP” …. Unless you referring to another technique or theory behind it.
Grading: Papers will be assessed on how well students incorporate the lessons from the Lean Startup into an analysis of the company. The paper should have some value – something that Michael could actually use/understand. You may assume the reader (me) has read the book and thus do not necessarily have to “define” the theory.
You need to assess what the key issues are! Better to expound on a few crucial areas as opposed to “dropping” (underlining) key words in each sentence that you really do not explain to any lengt

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