Analyze cultural aspects of video games and their importance in the gaming industry.

Assignment no. 4: Find and summarize articles on cultural aspects of video games.


Analyze cultural aspects of video games and their importance in the gaming industry.


“Video game localization is the process of adapting and modifying an existing video game to make it usable, accessible, culturally suitable and acceptable to a target audience from a specific country or world region” (Payne, 2007).


Work in teams.

Find on the Internet at least 4 articles describing cultural aspects on video game design and/or its marketing. They can include aspects such as localization, how sales are affected by cultural issues, cultural differences in video games, cultural preferences, cultural challenges or problems regarding video game sales and design, bad or good examples of game localization, globalization and video games, etc.

You should get articles from these digital libraries:

Google scholar (


Use the main Search field (EBSCO Discovery) located in this web page:

Web pages will not be accepted. Your articles must be academic or general opinion articles from conferences or from specialized magazines (specialized periodicals like newspapers may count), for example this one:

You can also find related articles from the e-magazine called Gamasutra:

Write a report with the summaries of the four (or more) articles, single spaced, 12pt Times font, at least 4 pages. You can add small images to the text. Please add your opinion on the each article at the end of each summary.

Add the references of the articles at the end of the report. Do not worry about the referencing format.

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