Analyze, in about a paragraph the theme of the story Hepatitis F&quot.

please reed the article titled "Hepatitis F" and write a paper based on the artichoke with the following guideline.
For this Write-Up, you need to analyze, in about a paragraph, the title of the story (using the questions on page 173 of Short Guide book to guide you) and, in another paragraph, the theme of the story (using the questions on page 176 of Short Guide to guide you). Then write another paragraph that demonstrates and analyzes how the title and the theme intersect. (That’s about 3 paragraphs, total.)
The complete name of the book to be used is:
A Short Guide to Writing About Literature, 12th edition, by Sylvan Barnet and William Cain, Pearson/Longman Press, 2012, ISBN: 0205118453.
if you do not have the book copy, i will attach the specific pages you need to use in the writing.

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