Behavior change and evaluation of valid health information are important skills to learn related to developing life long health and wellness.

1. Life Style Wellness Project
Behavior change and evaluation of valid health information are important skills to learn related to developing life long health and wellness. This is a three part personal wellness life-style change project in which you will practice information evaluation, develop, and implement a personal behavior change program. Each part of the project builds on the next. Part 1 you will chose a behavior to change. Part 2 you will develop a behavior change program. Part 3 you will implement the behavior change program and summarizing the experience in a two page paper. All sections should include reference citations in the text and have a bibliography in APA format. The papers should be written using 12 font. Write each section so that it can stand alone, but becomes part of the whole.
Part 3 Working the Plan and the Summary Paper 50 pts
Put your behavior change plan into action for 5 weeks. Keep a daily log of your experience, evaluating your progress. You’ll enter in your log weekly as a blog in Blackboard. Now is the time to summarize your experience.
Include the following information in your 2-3 page paper (not including title page and reference page), using APA format:
• Your measurable objective.
• The results, both successes and failures, of your action plan program in relation to your measurable objectives
• What were the physical, emotional, and mental benefits that you achieved?
• Knowing what you know now,what would you have done differently to make your plan more successful?
• What did you learn about yourself?
• Based upon this experience what is another behavior/situation you would like to change?
• Choose another journal article related to the behavior change you are making. Explain how this article assisted you with overcoming the barriers and contributed to the success of your behavior change program. **Include an in-text citation in this paragraph
• Compare the three articles you reviewed, from part 1,2, and 3. Which was the most helpful to you personally? Which was more credible? **In-text citations should be used for each article you discuss in this paragraph.
• How could this assignment be improved?
Share the results of your Lifestyle Wellness Project with your classmates. What was your measurable objective? Were you successful in changing your behavior? What barriers did you encounter? What other behaviors would you like to change? Do you plan on continuing on your behavior change journey?

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