Case Study- Disney

Case Analysis

Case Study: Disney

The Happiest Brand On Earth


Analyze the problem, and prepare a group memo report (max: 2-5 pages, SINGLE spaced) include the following topics.

– General Overview of the Case

– Issues, alternatives, challenges you identified in the article

– Your recommendation for action, and why you recommend it; you must support what you recommend.

– anwer the questions, if any, at the end of the case.

– generate a list of questions (minimum 4-5) for the rest of the class to encourage participation.


Powerpoint Slides 10 Slides:


2 Background/ Video

4 Questions, each question on a slide ( the questions are attached)

2 Discussion questions (raise questions for the class)

2 Overview, What I learned from chapter 2  NOTE: Please talk about the SWOT Analysis that is the best example for chapter 2.

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