Choose a local business organization analyze it from an operations point of view, and report your results.

Class Project Overview: Application of Operation Management Principles You is to choose a local business organization. This organization may be product or service oriented. Arrange for a visit to the organization, analyze it from an operations point of view, and report your results. You will be responsible for submitting a 10 page written analysis of your results Project Details Visit a product or service organization as an individual or group. Arrange an interview with the operations and/or production manager to compile information about the company’s operations strategy, quality control methods, processes, inventory planning methods, forecasting techniques, location decisions, layout formats, sustainability initiatives, etc. Your report should include the following: -Company background (when it started, how many employees it has, which industry it is in, what products or services it provides, etc.). – Who you interviewed. – And address at least 5 of the following issues . You might choose to concentrate on one or two topics in greater detail than the others: o Operations strategy/competitive basis (company’s competitive priorities, how company do compete with its competitors, what the company’s strengths and weaknesses are over its competitors, etc.) o Products/services (features, classification, design) o Processes which create/deliver the products/services (classification, features, design) o Capacity planning o Facility Location (what the factors affecting the company’s location decisions are, how the company plans its location for a new facility, etc.) o Facility Layout o Sustainability Initiatives o Inventory planning/management o Supply chain management (how the company works with its suppliers, whether they do have an integrated supply chain management approach, etc.) o Quality management/control (Whether they do implement TQM philosophy, how they do control and maintain quality within the organization, which quality tools they do use (Pareto, checklists, cause-effect diagrams, flowcharts, etc.), whether they do implement Six-sigma philosophy, whether they do use statistical control charts (R charts, X-bar charts, etc.) o Operations planning and control (JIT implementation, etc.) o Forecasting

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