Choose a topic from your Personal knowledge and Experience.

Paper must be typed using a font equivalent to Times New Roman 12, with standard one inch margins and double spacing, paper must be in logical order and make sure you are striking to a single point view. make sure that you are offering your Personal Experience, and factual and generalized information is not acceptable.

Introduction (10 points)
Coherence and unity (25 Points)
Support for ideas (20 points)
Sentence Structure (10 points)
Spelling and word choice (10 points)
Punctuation (10 points)
Grammer (10 points)
Conclusion (5 points)

Choose a topic from your Personal knowledge and Experience.

Write in your own words, from your perspective or point of view using pronoun "I"

Capture your readers attention with an interesting introductory paragraph

Use specific examples from your Personal Experience

Use concrete or vivid words

I want you to do your own Personal Experience i don’t really care what it is about. thanks

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