Choose one of the growth development theorists/theories to analyze your observations, discuss what theory you chose and why you chose it,

For this assignment you will need to observe a child between ages four and eight. Then choose one of the growth development theorists/theories from Week One to analyze your observations. THE THEORISTS TO WRITE ABOUT IS JOHN WATSON. Discuss what theory you chose, why you chose it, what activities you could plan to promote the child’s growth and development based on that theory, and any suggested ideas you have to incorporate this theory in an early childhood education setting. Then, you will compare and contrast your findings to the theory: How close were the results (reality) to the research (theory)? What were some similarities? What were some differences?

Preschool Vocabulary Lesson: My Body

Preschool Lesson: Teaching Children to Write Their Names with Dough

Trawick-Smith, J. (2010). Chapter 10: Preschool physical and motor development. Early Childhood Development: A Multicultural Perspective. Retrieved from

REQUIRED TEXT:Groark, C. J., & Song, L. A. (2012). Health and nutrition of children. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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