Compare/contrast the words of Dover Beach (100) with the world of Fahrenheit 451.

Write a well-developed, unified, supported essay on one of the topics below:
1.Today you can stay happy all the time.Each man the image of every other; than all are happy, for there are no mountains to make them cower, to judge themselves against” (58). Contrast these words of Beatty with the reality of the Fahrenheit 451 world.
2. Compare/contrast the words of  Dover Beach (100) with the world of Fahrenheit 451.
3. “Now he knew that he was two people…” (102.) Contrast the two halves of Montag.

–into the text of your paper, smoothly incorporate one quotation per main

–lead into the quotations; do not begin a paragraph with a quotation

–parenthetical citations giving page number (1001), followed by a period

–an introductory paragraph which identifies the novel, its author, and your
thesis statement with main points

–topic sentences for the body paragraphs which identify the main point to be

–a concluding paragraph which reinforces your thesis

–give your paper a content-related title

–place your name and date in the upper right corner

Note to writer:
All options above have been left in as to give you the option to choose which is the best for you according to your ability.

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