Create a database to support the information management needs of an organization.

Create a database to support the information management needs of an organization.

Proposal Specifications:

  • ï‚·  Your project topic must be career-related (related to your academic field, job, or a business opportunity). The best project topics are those based on actual organization’s issue. (You can do Google Search online to get more ideas.)
  • ï‚·  Provide the following information in your proposal:

o State the problem or opportunity.
o Explain its importance.
o Explain why a database is a good tool to solve it. Describe what database features will

be used and why.
o Provide background on the calculations, formulas, and data sources that you need.

NOTE: Please, do not include private or sensitive information in your project!


  • ï‚·  Create a MS Access Database with appropriate objects that you will use to form your project solution.
  • ï‚·  Create/use at least 4 tables with appropriate relationships enforced. At least 2 one-to-many relationships will need to be resolved.
  • ï‚·  Create/use queries to join your tables, create summary views, show calculated fields, and return results based on a user-specific criteria.
  • ï‚·  Create/use forms for entering data into your tables. At least 1 form per tables is required.
  • ï‚·  Create/use reports to display the results of your queries. At least 2 reports are required.
  • ï‚·  Embed photos, artwork, sound, and/or video files into your database.
  • ï‚·  Create a ‘menu’ (formerly known as ‘switchboard’ in older MS Access versions) that allows the

    user(s) to display the forms and reports in your database.

  • ï‚·  Create a user-friendly interface for the database.


ï‚· You need to submit 2 files:
o Proposal File (PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX), PDF or MS Word file types are accepted.)

o Database File (MS Access 2013 file type is required.)

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