Creative Problem Solving

You have been asked to develop a brief presentation about how the creative process can help solve a business problem for a client of yours.

  •           Research and select a company that has faced recent challenges in its business.
    •           Choose any company, or select one from this list.
    •           This company is now your client.
  •           Create a presentation for your client that includes the following:
    •           Slide 1: Briefly describe the company and its product or service.
    •           Slide 2–3: State and analyze the business problem.
    •           Slide 3–4: Determine what creative approach will help solve the problem.
    •           Slide 4–5: Define the steps in the creative process you selected and customize them for the selected company and business problem.
    •           Slide 5–6: Explain how the solution will help solve your company’s business problem, and why.
    •           Slide 6–7: Analyze the projected outcome of the solution and how it will help the company be successful moving forward with a new image, new product, or successful business venture.
    •           Slide 7–8: Write a conclusion summarizing your final findings.
    •        Slide 8–9: Add reference slides, cited in proper APA form

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