Critically discussion.

choose a media presentation that has be shown on TV and is directly related
to corrections. The drama or documentary must be at least one hour long.
Play detective. One technique that can be very useful is to find who the director was.
When did he or she live? Where? What was his or her SES and racial and ethinc background?
What was going on in the directors home country when he or she was writing?
Identity and discuss the possible effects that the political and economic climate as well as the
impact of the directors personal experiences could have had on his or her choice of focus,
presentation style, and conclusions. What personal and or cultural myth techniques are used?
What is the relationship of the medias presentations themes and findings to her material such
as the research presented in you textbooks on the subject? For r instance, contrast and compare
the arguments and themes with the information presented in class materials and other scientific
research .what are the strengths and shortcomings of the TV drama or documentary as compared to
scientific findings?
You will now be ready to write 1) an original abstract of the time or media presentation and 2)
to write a critical review or critique which must include a reference list.
Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska: 1. in bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska, the Smolinsky house is patriarchal in nature.
What are the characteristics of this patriarchy?
How does this affect the women in the story?
Also compare this patriarchy to colonial America 19th century south, and 19th century west. how is the world described in Bread Givers different or similar?
Liberalism and Toleration: Liberalism in its traditional and modern forms is grounded in a collection of various fundamental
values and principles. In order to assess whether these fundamental values of liberalism are
consistent with one another examine the material concerning speech, publication and education.
These areas of concern are often understood initially in terms of liberal rights? What is the
character of these rights and who are they provided for? Are these rights descriptive,
prescriptive or both? How far do these rights extend and under what conditions? Is liberalism
and toleration just about rights? In discussing these problems regarding rights does it become
clear that the notion of rights embodied in liberalism has to be understood in connection with
other liberal values or principles? Critically discuss.

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