Definition of Sustainable Development with proper citations.

Research Proposal Template:

Proposed title
One Research question and three research objectives
Literature review
Research methodology
Research Ethics
Appendix (Includes research instruments)


Topic: Shell’s Sustainable Development in Niger Delta

Question: Is the Company doing enough to ensure environmental safety of residents?

My Objectives:
1. To investigate sustainable development in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry
2. To analyse the availability of Shell’s operation in Niger Delta from an Environmental perspective
3. To recommend possible sustainability development methods to shell and it’s operation in Niger Delta

Note Below:

For the Introduction: It should state why this topic is Important of the research area. A brief review of the current situation would be shown as well and reasons why I should further my research.

Give information about SHELL and it’s operation with citations. When talking about Human right violations, The coperate involved should be mentioned and cited as well..

LIterature Review: Definition of Sustainable Development with proper citations. Look for a framework and put it the work with citations.

Research Methodology: We used the Research Onion and here is mine

– Secondary Data
-Cross sectional
-mixed methods
-case study

So my research methodology should take this partner.

For the Timescale: We are to prepare a Gant Chart

References shoud be havard style and any picture and frame work should be cited havard style

Please I would be needing a good job and will attach some files that would help and an example of what is expected from me.

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