Describe at least three of the reasons why people commit cybercrime.

Part 1
In a 1-2 page essay address the following:

Describe at least three of the reasons why people commit cybercrime. Make sure to include what their thoughts are on the most prevailing reason.
You may search online for additional supporting arguments
Read the Case Study under section 2.68 of the report and the following three sections. Compare and contrast the reports opinion of who commits cybercrime with the information supplied in the text book.
Incorporate your opinion into the essay of whether the Virus Writers and Learning Theories hold true when dealing with those whom write viruses to obtain money as in the Case study on 2.68.
How does the Report’s definition of hacking compare with the textbook? What category of hacking in is the Report describing?
Part 2Read Box 3.6 Time Bomb Attacks by an Insider on page 64. Does Agnew’s General Strain Theory or Gottfredson and Hirschi’s Self Control Theory best apply to how William Carl Shea came to commit this crime? Why? What type of hacker is William Shea? How would you define him based on his actions?

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