Describe the difference between a population and a sample.

1. Describe the difference between a population and a sample.

2. A New York newspaper reported the average gasoline prices in four metropolitan areas and used a bar chart to illustrate the differences. What type of statistics was shown? What activities did the newspaper use to make the report?

3. Research a management or marketing article/news/publication that writes about a topic founded on the use of statistics. Evaluate the information according to the following questions and directions.

· Determine whether the existing information is adequate or additional information is required to support the topic.

· Is the presentation of statistics misleading in the context of the topic?

· Was statistics used only as numerical information or the framework for decision-making?

· Was the information summarized in a useful and informative manner?

· Analyze and draw your own observations/inferences/conclusions about the information presented based on information you have learned from this module.

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