Describe the importance of “strategic partnerships” to the operations of JC Decaux.

Read Chapter 2 PowerPoint and the Case study.
( Everything that is written should be an easy read and well organized example: I. Situation Analysis- *** ****** *** II. SWOT Analysis- ******* ***** **** *** III. Problem Statement- ***** **** ******* etc. Same as the questions)

I. Situation Analysis “Synopsis” – Briefly summarize the case in your own words. No more than 1 typed page.
II. Do a SWOT Analysis – Use bullet format only.
• Strengths
• Weaknesses
• Opportunities
• Threats
III. Problem Statement – Keep it brief, no more than 10 words. Be as concise as possible. Write this as a statement not a question.

IV. Development of Alternatives – Develop 3 alternatives that derives from your opportunities outlined in your SWOT. Provide clear detail with implementation strategy for each.

V. Evaluation of Alternatives & Recommendations – Evaluate each alternative with pros and cons identified. Pick the *best choice* based on the company’s strengths and opportunities. Explain your rationale for selection of the *best choice*. End this section with an overall conclusion.

After you have done the above then answer the following questions below: The questions should be done in a minimum of 2 pages.

1. Describe the importance of “strategic partnerships” to the operations of JC Decaux. Be sure to reference Chp 2 in your answer.
2. What is the greatest risk or threat to JC Decaux’s future growth? Explain your answer providing justification from the case.
3. What should JC Decaux do to insure continued growth in its Street Furniture division?
4. Should it abandon the Street Furniture market? Provide justification in your answer.

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