Describe the industrial and geographical features of the community that might have acute or chronic impact on resident health.

1. The community profile will address the health status and potential health and safety needs in a given geographic region. The main skills used will be your ability to: 1) research sources of community and population health data, 2) analyze health data and project potential health and safety needs, and 3) develop a comprehensive community health profile that could be used by agencies examining their current and/or potential community health initiatives.

2. This research paper is the first of two major projects for this class. It should be as comprehensive as possible and include a list of sources obtained as well as references cited. The paper must identify the community being studied and you must select and announce that community during class no later than
3. Paper is due via online assignment drop box
• Detail the demographic information about this community
• Describe the industrial and geographical features of the community that might have acute or chronic impact on resident health
• Describe the ethnic and/or cultural factors within this community that might impact on resident health
• Determine the mortality and morbidity rates for this community
• Describe all of the primary health services resources that exist within the community and as many of the secondary resources that can be identified.
• Provide a conclusion that outlines what potential health issues should be flagged, monitored, or serviced in this community based upon the community profile research

4. Optional – If you have identified what you think is an important health need that may be underserved in this community – and you could allocate $1 million dollars per year for the next 5 years to lessen this health issue, what would your priority be?

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