Describe the problem that the application electrostatic precipitator is trying to solve.

All the instructions are in the file I uploaded, the application I chose was the Electrostatic Precipitator, so only talk about this application. Kindly, follow the instructions carefully and stick to them in the essay content.

The essay should:

Describe the problem that this application(electrostatic precipitator) is trying to solve.
Propose a static electricity-based solution.
Explain, using science of static electricity, how this application works.
Discuss how effective this solution might be in solving the problem.
Discuss the benefits of your chosen application of static electricity.
Discuss the drawbacks of your chosen application of static electricity.
Discuss and evaluate the implications and use of the chosen application with one of the following factors: social, health, economic, political, ethical, moral, cultural, or environmental.
A conclusion with a recommendation as to whether this type of static electricity technology should be used [do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?].

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