Discuss the benefits of market research.

This is a two part written project that will focus on the marketing aspects of your start up business. Please submit as one written assignment.

Part 1:

In three to four pages, address the following areas:

  • Please describe the marketing strategy and then explain how you plan to use marketing strategies to promote your business.

  • Include the necessary marketing research you either have done for your business or are planning to conduct. The costs of these items/activities should also be itemized and included in this section of the proposal.

  • Include ongoing costs as well as one-time fees.

Part 2:

In five to six pages, address the following areas:

  • Create a marketing plan for your business. This can be an e- marketing, traditional marketing plan, or a combination of both.

  • Discuss the benefits of market research.

  • Include a SWOT analysis and explain the four Ps of the marketing mix in your marketing plan

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