Discuss the human health effects of exposure, the sources into the environment, and the route of human exposure.

For this Assignment, you will take the perspective of a director of a regional Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) office. The national EPA Office of Environmental Information (OEI) has tasked all regional directors to identify an environmental hazard in your community by again visiting the EPA’s EJScreen tool at http://www2.epa.gov/ejscreen and enter a zip code (e.g., your hometown) in the “Launch the Tool” section. When the map is loaded, choose “Map Data.” Select “Map Supplementary Data” and then “Sites reporting to EPA.” Explore the various “Sites reporting to EPA” (air emissions, hazardous waste, water dischargers, superfund, and toxic releases) to find a contaminant that affects your community.

For this contaminant, prepare an executive summary (2–3 pages) to submit to EPA OEI. In this summary, please discuss the human health effects of exposure, the sources into the environment, and the route of human exposure. Specify whether the hazard is chemical, physical, or biological and whether this affects occupational health, the general public, or both.

Below find some guidance on writing an executive summary from the Kaplan University writing center: • Fundamentals of Grant (and proposals) tutorial as well as the PDF document: https://kucampus.kaplan.edu/MyStudies/AcademicSupportCenter/WritingCenter/WritingRefere nceLibrary/GraduateStudentWritingResource/GrantWriting.aspx http://lgdata.s3-website-us-east- 1.amazonaws.com/docs/1620/959548/GrantWriting_KUWC2013cr.pdf • Developing a Business Marketing Plan tutorial and PDF document: http://lgdata.s3-website-us-east- 1.amazonaws.com/docs/1620/959544/DevelopingABusinessMarketingPlan_KUWC2013cr.pdf https://kucampus.kaplan.edu/MyStudies/AcademicSupportCenter/WritingCenter/WritingRefere nceLibrary/WritingTypesAndTools/WritingBusinessMarketingPlan.aspx • How to Write a Marketing and Business plan tutorial and PDF document, which details the components of an Executive Summary: https://kucampus.kaplan.edu/DocumentStore/Docs10/pdf/WC/MarketingBusinessPlan101_v1.p df Grading rubrics for this Assignment are located under Course Home.

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