Discuss the Life-Span Psychology perspective including the concepts/terms.

5-6 page research paper examining my own “developmental” progression.

The paper will consist of 3 major sections. Please cite 5-8 sources.

Section 1 (1-2 pages): Discuss the Life-Span Psychology perspective including the concepts/terms: Lifelong, Multidimensional, Multidirectional, Plastic, Multidisciplinary, and Contextual. (These terms should be fully defined and explained. Also, explain the significance of these terms do not just write out the definition.)

Section 2 (2-3 pages): Discuss my own developmental changes in the following three domains: Physical, Cognitive, and Socioemotional. (While growing up, I was considered fairly short for my age and am still only 5’4”. My weight was and still is average but in looking at pictures, until I was about 8 years old I was very thin. I felt I was just about the same as most of my friends in height and weight. I have red hair and was called “red, red tomato head” during my early grade school years. I remember not liking the nickname but do not remember it being too bothersome, as I felt it was friendly teasing. I have two sisters and one brother. We fought as all siblings do but always took up for each other when it came to our parents. It took quite a bit for one of us to tattle on the other. In our adulthood, each of us are completely different in our lifestyles. Some smoke, some drink, some are married, some are divorced. Some love life, some don’t. Other than our physical appearance being similar – we are by all rights, like night and day. I was always well above my class mates in my learning skills. (Except for learning my multiplication tables, which got me many days of recess detention until one day about 3rd or 4th grade – it just clicked!) I hated reading during the first years of learning or trying to learn. I would cry while sitting at our kitchen table sounding out the words. That is when I even bothered to bring my reading book home. My mother would try to make the learning process appealing to me to no avail. Somewhere during my middle school years, I grew to love reading! Now, I can’t get enough of it. My father was an abusive parent. I remember many a day going off somewhere on our twenty acres and finding a tree to climb up in and read until dark. I always had plenty of friends but could never see them except for school time or school events, as my father was very strict. I had no freedom unless it involved sports which I loved. I played every sport my school offered every season!) Please use this as a basis but make sure to create 2-3 pages worth. You may add other ideas as necessary.

Section 3: (1-2 pages) Create an obituary for my life if I live to be 99, include things I will be remembered for and accomplishments. Be creative. (I was born July 23, 1966. I am married to Jerry McMillen. I have four children. Sidney, Jennifer, Kelsey and Dakota. Three daughters and one son, respectively. My children are extremely talented and live very fulfilling lives. I grew up in Claremore, OK but have traveled stateside extensively. I love children and hope to someday be a School Psychologist. Anything else you care to create will be great!)

Please use this book as reference point:

Life-Span Development 13th Edition
Author: John W. Santrock

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