Discuss the need for public transport in towns and cities.

Environmental Studies Report

Write a report in which you discuss public transport in New Zealand.
You should:
• Use the internet to investigate the various forms of public transport available to New Zealanders. Concentrate on larger towns and cities.
• Discuss the need for public transport in towns and cities. Consider Road and/or rail.
• Comment on potential advantages and disadvantages of public and private transport, especially with regard to anthropogenic global warming.
• Make up to three recommendations that you consider may be advantageous.

Your report should include:
• Brief introduction explaining differences between public and private transport.
• Comparisons between the effects of population density on the effectiveness of public transport.
Your report will need to be completed:
• On a computer using MS Word or another word processor.
• Consult the mark schedule to ensure that you have complied with all requirements such as font size, spacing etc.
• The report should be between 500 and 600 words in length and you should include a word count.

The report should use properly referenced and cited information from books, journals, newspapers, internet web sites or other information sources.

Write a brief conclusion.

Your report should follow the ELC/ISS style of report writing:
• Title page
• Contents page
• Sections with section headings
• Full reference list

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