Discuss the rite of passage or aspects of the rite of passage that you see in each of the four works.

1.) Rites of passage can involve a variety of experiences that allow a person to gain new knowledge, a new perspective, or new insights. Rites of passage often help people to marture or grow. Through these experiences we sometimes realize something we had never seen before, either about life, ourselves, or others. Rites of passage can also simply be experiences that we go through for the first time.

How does the concept of a rite to passage appear in the works listed below? Discuss the rite of passage or aspects of the rite of passage that you see in each of the four works.

Works to be included in your discussion:
"The introduction to Uses of Enchantment" by Bruno Bettelheim
"Cathedral" by Ray Carver
In the text book (Schmidt, Jan Zlotnik and Crockett, Lynne, editors. Portable Legacies. Fourth Edition.
Wadsworth Publishing: Boston, 2009.)

"The circular Ruins" by Jorge Luis Borges
"The writing of the God" by Jorge Luis Borges

You are analyzing what these authors show us about rites of passage in these particular works, using your own insights. You need to include all four works in your discussion and include at least one quote from each of the four works in your paper. Your quotes must follow the MLA Style, including parenthetical intext refreneces. Your paper should follow the standard essay formant, with a thesis statement in the Introduction paragraph and a Conclusion that provides additional insights beyond a mere restatement of the thesis.

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