Discuss the topic “Exploring Determinants of State Employee Union Density in the United States.”

This whole project is base on the article called: “Exploring Determinants of State Employee Union Density in the United States.”

The general outline for assignment 4 is: Hypothesis, Analysis: a) congruence or disparity in dependent variable, b) testing premise, c) testing relationships, d) modeling relationships. Conclusion and recommendation. APA citation SPSS output to support report for passing grade.

I need this to look exactly like attachments on the additional materials. Make sure the article that I attached in the additional materials isn’t plagiarized in the short written paragraphs. The following tests/graphs needs to be included: the Anova test, Chi-test, T-test, etc…like the charts of the ones in the draft.

Use the attachment of assignment 3-4-1 as an example of an outline you need to base your focus points for this assignment. Please complete the worksheet as well.

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