Discuss various options for a compelling change vision and select the best option or combination of options.

I have three small cases about change management, each case has two questions. I want you to answer these questions. Please based on the book that I uploaded (I need the main idea from that book please). Use simple words and make the answers simple as you can.——————————-

Case 5.1 What Do You Mean by Change Vision? Larry Salandro knew his company needed to make major changes. He had been CEO for just six weeks and already it was clear that Valve- Tech, Inc. ( VTI) was headed downhill fast. VTI is an old and proud company. For many years it was the market leader in the production of pipe valves for the oil industry. However, in recent years the companys grip on its market has begun to slip. Foreign competition, particularly from Indonesia and India, is steadily eating away at VTIs market base. Salandro knows his company needs to improve productivity and quality. Salandros roommate in his old college days is now a quality consultant who has agreed to help out. The consultant has just told Salandro that he needs to develop a compelling change vision for his company. What do you mean by change vision? asked the CEO. —————–

1: Put yourself in the consultants place in this case. How would you answer Salandros question about the change vision?
2: Consider Salandros task. Discuss various options for a compelling change vision and select the best option or combination of options.
Case 5.3 What Does a Well- Crafted Change Vision Look Like? VTI CEO Larry Salandro and his friend John Martin, a quality consultant, are continuing their discussion of the need for a well- crafted change vision for the company. Alright Larry, I understand why the change vision is so important. In fact, I understand it so well that I think Ive become a little intimidated by the thought of developing one. It sounds as if I dont get it right, my company is going down the drain, said Salandro. Then youd better get it right, said Martin without even a hint of a smile. Im not sure how to even get started, admitted Salandro. What does a good change vision look like? ————–

1: How would you feel if you were sitting in Salandros seat? There is a lot of pressure in this situation. ——–
2: Put yourself in Martins place in this case, and discuss the various characteristics of a well- crafted change vision.
Case 5.4
Lets Rough Out a Draft for a Change Vision VTI CEO Larry Salandro is a little intimidated by the challenge of developing an effective change vision for his company. His friend John Martin, a quality consultant, is helping him through the process. Larry, why dont we rough out a draft of a change vision for VTI, said Martin. Once youve seen it done, it wont seem like such a daunting task. Good idea, said Salandro. I just happen to have a legal pad with me.
1: If you were John Martin in this case, how would you get started developing the change vision for VTI? ————
2: Develop a draft change vision for VTI. Ask others to do the same. Discuss the various versions developed and select one or a combination of several as your draft. Discuss why it is the best of the various options.

*if you use any other sources please add it as “works cited”
Thank you

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