Drawing on the material in the first four units of this course, analyze two and no more than three of the medical technologies and medical practices, past and present, that have and still can threaten women’s health and well being.

Mid-term Short Essay Assignment

Write an 800 word (approximately three typed pages using 12 point font) essay on the topic set out below. The purpose of the assignment is to give students a chance to make connections between the ideas in the various units in the first half of the course. When preparing your paper you should draw on at least two of the Unit presentations
(Units 1 through Unit 4 inclusive) and three of the required/optional readings from any of the first four units. Use only the course materials for your essay.

You may draw on personal experience and observation, but the course materials must always take precedence. Before beginning your paper, make sure that you read over both the instructions for this assignment (above) and the “Expectations” for the assignment set out below.

Drawing on the material in the first four units of this course, analyze two and no more than three of the medical technologies and medical practices, past and present, that have and still can threaten women’s
health and well being. For example you could consider doctor’s attitudes and the general beliefs about women that permeated society,
the impact of poverty on health, some of the current forms of birth control, inadequate drug research, medicalization, antipathy towards lesbians, reproductive technologies, and so on. (These are only

suggestions; you can choose your own topics). Conclude your short paper with suggests about ways that these issues can be mitigated.

Expectations for Mid
-Term Assignment

1.Resources to Use in Preparing Mid-Term Paper:Draw on at least
two of the units and at leas t three of the readings in Units 1–4 (required or optional). You are to use only the course materials
for this assignment.

2.Theoretical Perspective: When doing your analysis you are expected to base your findings in one or more theoretical perspectives that you have dealt with in the first four units of the course.

3.Length:The essay should be no more than800wordsor about three to four(12 point) typed double-spaced pages in length plus the bibliography and cover page. A paper much shorter than this would not cover the topic adequately. I calculate a page to be 25 typed lines of 10 words each making a total of 250 words per page.

4.Cover Page: Your paper should have a cover page which would clearly set out the following: your name, the course number, the professor’s name, type of assignment and any other information you think is important.

5.Reference Notes:You must have approximately two reference notes per page. You should follow proper academic form. If you do not have a reference guide to follow, use the referencing in the course Manual as a model. Style sheets and reference manuals are available on the internet–simply type “MLA” or “APA” “style sheet” into Google and you will find a number of sites from which to choose. When using one of
the required readings cite the author of the article as a reference, e.g. (Murray, et al.98). In the bibliography use the author’s name, title of the article and the publication data such as the journal title the article is from or the title of the book along with the date of publication. For an example of a bibliography see the bibliography at the end of the course or at the end of any of the required articles. There is no
exact way to cite a unit from the Manual in the bibliography and the following will suffice: author, course title, unit number and unit title (for example, Kechnie, Margaret. Women’s Health Issues, Unit 1, Why Study Women’s Health pp. 1-19). Likewise when referencing an idea from a unit in the body of the essay simply use the unit number
and page (Unit 6 9). If you need examples, use any of the required readings as your guide.

6.Bibliography: Your paper will have a bibliography. This will be made up of only the sources referred to in your paper. When using one of the required readings cite the author and title of article you used
. For example: Broom, Dorothy H. (1998). “By Women, For Women: The Continuing Appeal of Women’s Health Centres,”Australian Women’s Health, Vol 28, 1: 5-22. In terms of the Manual, cite each unit separately using the unit number and title (Unit 2 Women as Health Care Providers and Consumers: and page numbers). Again, If you need examples, consult the bibliography at the end of the required readings.

7.Direct Quotes: Limit yourself to no more than two direct quotes. You must learn to take an idea from an author, shape it into your own words, and use a reference note to show where you got the idea.

8.Presentation: Academic papers should be typed, but handwritten work is acceptable if the writing is legible, and there are spaces between words; lines must be double-spaced. I may refuse to grade work that is sloppy, carelessly written or one that has many typographical errors. Assignments that do not have appropriate
reference notes and a bibliography will not be graded.

Please note: While the appearance of your work is important, please, please, do not put your essay in a folder. Simply staple your pages at the top left-hand corner. Thank you

9.Failure to follow these guidelines may result in lost marks.

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