Ethical and Unethical Organizations

Discussion 1

Ethical and Unethical Organizations

Organizations can be considered “ethical” or “unethical.” Ethical organizations are those in which leaders adhere to ethical guidelines and engage in ethical conduct while encouraging employees to do the same. When an organization’s leaders do not engage in ethical conduct or encourage employees to do so, the organization may be considered unethical. For example, in 2010, leaders and employees at Toyota committed ethical breaches by failing to disclose and address safety concerns regarding some of their automobiles. Given the unethical conduct of Toyota leaders and employees, many considered Toyota to be an unethical organization.

Pay attention to the need to focus on results, and to commit the organization to achieving those results, in nonprofit organizations.

Read the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector report Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice: A Guide for Charities and Foundations. Focus on the guidelines for good governance and ethical practice in nonprofit organizations.

Think about an institution that fits what these resources and your own assessment would consider to be an ethical institution. Think about what makes it ethical.

Identify an organization (public or private) with which you are very familiar. This organization could be one in which you worked or one with which you are familiar from the news.

Think about the extent to which the organization is ethical.

Submit 150 – 500 word response: Due by Wednesday 11/04/15. a brief description of the organization you selected. NOTE: Do NOT state the name of the organization. Then explain the extent to which the organization is ethical. Provide specific examples to illustrate your explanation.

Support your work with specific citations from the Learning Resources. You are allowed to draw from additional sources to support your explanation, but you must cite using APA standards. All quoted material must be identified, cited, and referenced per APA standards.


Assume you are a leader in a government or nonprofit organization. Explain your role, as a leader, in building and maintaining an ethical culture in the organization. Be specific. (1 page)

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