Examine the factors that determine the price of computers in a free market.

Examine the factors that determine the price of computers in a free market.
In recent years, the price of personal computers has continued to fall even in the face of increasing demand. Analyze with the aid of a diagram how this has occurred.



Your essay should meet the following expectations:

Answer the question set and keep to the topic.

Demonstrate an understanding of relevant economic principles, concepts and theories;
Ability to provide insightful analysis of issues involved;
Ability to organise material with supporting evidence;
Skills in using diagram to explain economic ideas;
Knowledge of current issues relating to your assignment question, evidence of thorough research.

Consult as many writings on the topic as you can. Comprehend and synthesise the ideas expressed and then attempt to present them in your own words. Eventually, you should be able to analyse and criticise other work and cogently argue your own point of view. You should always support your arguments and opinions with extensive referencing.

Include an introduction in your opening paragraph and a conclusion in the final one.

Attach a bibliography of the books and journal articles used in the assignment. If there is sufficient evidence to prove that the essay has been copied from another student or from a book without proper acknowledgement of the sources (plagiarism), such an essay will receive a fail grade.

Adhere to the word limit.
Font size: 12
Spacing: 1.5-spaced

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