Examining developmental skills and applying knowledge to complete your part of this team Assignment.

Career Focus: Activity Portfolio

In Unit 8 you will complete your individual lesson plan and any other parts of the Activity Portfolio assigned at your initial team meeting. This Assignment addresses the following course outcomes:

CE410-1: Examine the developmental skills related to art, music, and creative movement for children from birth through age 8.

CE410-2: Apply knowledge of development and the sequence of learning tasks to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of process oriented creative experiences for young children.

Teamwork 1.2: Engage in a team setting with professional integrity and respect.

Please follow these specific instructions while completing the portfolio. As an individual you are responsible for the following:

  1. Examining developmental skills and applying knowledge to complete your part of this team Assignment.
  2. Using your textbook as the primary resource, but you are encouraged to do research on the internet and in the library for any additional information you might need.
  3. Always citing your resources using APA format.
  4. Doing your part in completing the title page, introduction, lesson plans, and APA reference information.
  5. Providing your assigned part/parts to the team so compiling the components of the Activity Portfolio may be done on time to meet deadlines.
  6. Participating in the group until the Assignment is completed and submitted.

Individual Lesson Plans:

  1. Fill in the lesson plan template you have been assigned.
  2. Seek help from team members or the instructor on any area you are not sure how to complete so your provide your team with a finished plan.
  3. Meet team deadlines to receive credit for participation.

Introduction and Reference Page:

The Introduction should address the first section of the Unit 9 Assignment Rubric:

An introduction with an explanation of the developmental benefits of creative art lessons for young children that align with professional standards and/ or early childhood theories. Support with a minimum of two citations.

The References page should include a full reference for your digital textbook and all other resources. Full citations should be listed alphabetically on the template reference page. APA also requires the use of in text citations within your project. These short references clarify where you have used information from the different sources.

Complete the individual assigned parts before your group meeting in Unit 9 so the team can proceed with finishing the Unit 9 Activity Portfolio Assignment in Unit 9. If you have not scheduled your group meeting for Unit 9, please do so.

ID: CE410-08-09-A


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