Explain the effects of aging on memory.

. 1.  Describe/explain the three key processes of memory (encoding, storage, and retrieval). Come up with a single personal example to explain all three concepts.
2.   Describe the functioning of sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. Please explain where “paying attention” comes in this model. Provide an example to support your understanding
3.   Explain “mnemonics.” How can the use of mnemonics help us work with the limitations of STM? What mnemonics have you used lately? Why?
4.   Explain the role of interference theory in forgetting.
5.   Please watch the TED Talk by Peter Doolittle:  Then, find an online resource to describe the difference/similarities/functions between working memory and short term memory. You MUST cite your source. http://www.ted.com/talks/peter_doolittle_how_your_working_memory_makes_sense_of_the_world?language=en
6.   Explain the effects of aging on memory.
7.   How accurate is eye witness testimony? Explain. Also explain the impact this has on the US’s judicial process. [You will need two online sources for this second question!]
8.   Write a one-page essay in which you choose any fact or concept or principle from this chapter of the textbook and explain how you have seen this fact or concept or principle applied or illustrated (or “at work”) in the “real” world. This may be a personal account from your own life experience. Content and LENGTH (minimum of one page) are both important.

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