Explain the key concepts employed by the author and say something about how they are used.

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Assessment 1 – Critical Review (15%)

In about 600 words summarise and critically evaluate the main arguments developed in one of the readings in SGY120. These can be found in e-Reserve.

Helpful hints:
• Instead of summarizing the whole article you may find it more useful to highlight what you consider to be the central points.
• Explain the key concepts employed by the author and say something about how they are used.
• Where possible comment on how the author justifies his or her argument/s (for eg, statistical or documentary evidence, examples, logical reasoning, citing relevant authorities, quoting other sociological research, etc.).
• Your critical evaluation should include discussion of how successful you think the author is in formulating his or her argument. Feel free to couch this in the first person (ie, ‘I think…’ or ‘My impression is…’) but try to avoid appearing subjective, emotive, biased or simply opinionated.
Please note that we expect this piece of writing to be written in essay form. You also need to comply with the guidelines to referencing set out in Assignment Guidelines (see Assessment Table of Contetns), this includes page references for direct citations and a list of all texts referred to in the assignment. If you are in any doubt with regard to referencing, or other aspects of essay writing, please consult the course convenor.

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