Explain the purpose of the Business Continuity Plan.

Business Continuity Planning

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Business Continuity Planning

read the case study: 3 to 4 paragraphs

“Engro Chemicals Pakistan Limited—Business Disaster Overcome” by Muntazar B. Ahmed.


Based on your reading and analysis of the case study, Post by Day 3 your response to the following:

What were the risks faced by Engro after the fire had left its head office in ruins?
Explain the purpose of the Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery) Plan. What features were omitted from the plan?
The systems were not integrated and this made it simpler for Engro to recover from the disaster: Does this negate the concept of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)? Why, in your opinion, did Engro deviate from the Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery) Plan?
Evaluate the overall plan and implementation.
What best practices or lessons can you learn from Engro, and how might you apply those at your organization? Provide specific examples to support your observations.

Please be specific,APA format and use citations and references as appropriate and necessary.

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