explain when one might use an operational-amplifier wheatstone bridge and its advantages.

Instrumentation Measurement & Lab
Temperature Alarm Project

Report and the multisim design for your project

Each student will submit an individual report. The report should, as a minimum, include the following:

Title Page (Name, Partner’s name)
Description of your project (including the specifications you selected)
Conceptual Design: Explain the block diagram and what each block does (its functionality) and how it works. Also, be sure to explain when one might use an operational-amplifier wheatstone bridge and its advantages.
Design methodology (show calculations and provide rationale for design choices; remember that your choices must take into consideration commonly available parts).
Final schematic in Multisim
Components/Parts list
Simulation results for your design
Testing process and results for characterization and validation of your teammate’s design – screenshots alone will not suffice. Description of process is required along with discussion of results.
Troubleshooting Manual for one potential problem
Project Challenges: Note any difficulties you faced during the completion of your design and how you overcame them
Team Interaction Reflection: Describe how you used Blackboard to facilitate interaction, how you worked with one another in the design phase, challenges you encountered, methods you employed to overcome any challenges.
Teammate Assessment: Use the Project Participation Rubric below and give your teammate a ranking of Needs Improvement, Competent, or Excellent for the first two items in the rubric: Interacts professionally and Plans and organizes team effort. Be sure to justify your ranking.
Data sheet for thermistor

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