Explain why the structure is the most appropriate structure for Cyber Software.

MGT Project

Project 2:  Management Plan 


A management plan is a model that demonstrates how an organization operates on a day-to-day basis as well as over the long run.  A management plan is a report that includes numerous sections that cover various aspects of the business.


In this assignment students will take the role of the Vice President of Operation creating a mini-management plan that focuses on those aspects of the business related to planning and organizing.  As Vice President of Operations, Joseph Jackson, the leader of Cyber Software, Inc., has asked you to help him solve his organizational problems.  This mini-management plan is a professionally written document that will be given to Joseph Jackson.  In writing the plan, you must use the terminology learned in the course.  Since Joe Jackson is quite knowledgeable, you are not defining terms using a dictionary but you will explain and describe concepts and ideas so Joseph Jackson understands what you mean, why the ideas are important to the business and how to implement the proposed plan.  The plan is not one in which the Vice President of Operations tells Joseph Jackson that he should do this or do that or he needs to or will do this or do that but one that is presented in an action-oriented manner.  Students are expected to make connections between the facts of the case study and concepts, theories, and ideas presented in the course readings.


The mini-management plan will structure the entire company and will cover Joseph Jackson’s organization’s mission, vision, structure and culture.


Students will read the case study provided and respond to the following requirements.


Resources that will help you develop the management plan:


How to Make a Management Plan



Management Plan Example



Required Elements to Include in the Management Plan:


  • Provide a brief management history of Cyber Software, Inc.;
  • Help Joe Jackson by proposing a new mission statement and vision statement that align with what Joseph Jackson now envisions for his company;
    • Explain why the new mission statement and vision statement are appropriate for Cyber Software, Inc.;
    • Discuss other aspects of the planning phase that impacts Cyber Software, Inc.;
  • Create an organizational structure that aligns with the vision of Joseph Jackson
    • Structure the entire company;
    •  Explain why the structure is the most appropriate structure for Cyber Software, Inc.;
    • Discuss why other structures are not appropriate;
    • Illustrate the new structure with an organizational chart with names, job titles, and direct reports.  Be creative but make sure the jobs fit into the allotted budget;
  • Create an organizational culture that aligns with the vision of Joseph Jackson and his new organization structure;
  • Explain how the new organizational structure and culture affect the planning and organizing facet of Joe’s business and prevent future mishaps;

Required Formatting of Case Study:

You are expected to mention and discuss concepts and theories, by name, that have been discussed in our text and class for the first 5 weeks.  

See the grading rubric to make sure you are following the protocol. 

  • Create a consultant’s report that is in APA format, 12-point font, and between five full pages and six full pages in length excluding the title page, abstract page and reference page;  (By full page it means taking up the entire page.
  • You are encouraged to use meaningful graphics to demonstrate the theories you have learned in class to date, by name.  The same for the concepts covered, specifically.
  • Title page with your name, the course name, the date, and instructor’s name:
  • Include a reference page and be sure all references are in APA format and have an author and date listed.  Remember that the text, websites, dictionaries and encyclopedias do not count as references, nor do references dated prior to 2000.
  • An introductory paragraph, a summary paragraph and the use of headings are required- meaning that these areas are to be labeled and in addition to the APA abstract;
  • Write in the third person;
  • Use APA format for in-text citations and references. You are required to use class material and at least five academic or highly respected business publications.  This means a minimum of six references. Students need to paraphrase and avoid direct quotes;
  • Organize your paper so it is user friendly to the reader.

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