Financial investments and technologies.

Recycling industry in Kazakhstan just started to rise up, mostly from the government’s initiation. However, the history of recycling in Kazakhstan takes part from the Soviet Union times, when it was common to landfill the waste. As the decades went on, there are about 40 billion tons of waste accumulated in the land and now only 5% of that is recycled. One of the reasons for that: there are lack of waste and recycling factories, only several operates in the country. Yet, this is very potential business which can bring positive income as for society as financially and will impact on ecology. However, before that some key issues must be sold. First, a need for a proper support from the government (laws) and long-term agreements. Second, financial investments and technologies. And the third, the production itself in most business should include the waste and recycling operations. The industry would resolve some ecological problems in the country and investors would only benefit from that.

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