For existing business, describes when and why the company was formed.

• Certification Page• Abstract/Executive Summary• Table of Contents• Definition of Terms/Acronyms THESE 4 need 3 pages

• Identify background information – what points to the success of this new
 For existing business: Describes when and why the company was
 Describes the marketing history of the product and service.
 Outlines the company’s annual sales, profits, and overall performance to
• What are company’s unique features?
• Specifies what the management team hopes to accomplish.
• Specifies how much money the company needs and how funds will be
• Lists key management positions.
• Outlines primary job duties and responsibilities assigned to each position.
• Identifies the individuals who are expected to fill each position.
• Summarizes each person’s prior business experience.
• Section establishes credibility of the management team.
• Provides explanation of how deficiencies will be overcome
4-6 pgs
Annotated bibliography (build throughout the course series) 8-10
PJT 495 End of
the report in

• Parenthetical/In Text Citations
• References
• Appendices applicable for the project type
i want my business plan about openning a daycare center for kids

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