Give development stages that kids should have before entering kindergarten.

can you give feedback to my classmate ( this not an essay) 100-150 word please (8/24/2015 morning)

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There are many development stages that kids should have before entering kindergarten. Motor skills development consists of kids using their fine motor abilities to allow kids to increase independence. They will be able to do small things like opening doors, button a button, brush teeth and wash hands. They will be doing all these things as kindergarteners. So hopefully parents will be helping their kids from the time they are boring to improve their motor skills. Cognitive skill development is very important because it involves the progressive building of learning skills, such as attention, memory and thinking. When kids can learn to pay attention they learn more and faster while learning to concentrate on one task for a period of time. While learning they improve their memory and this help kids to retain what they have learned or experienced this way they can start to build base knowledge. Thinking is very important to kids or anyone for that matter because thinking helps a person to figure out if they understand something or do they need some help with a particular task. Communication development also helps kids because this helps kids to express themselves appropriately while in class and home. Parents should take the time to help kids to learn how to express themselves in a respectful manner. To improve their language development from birth parents should have been reading to them and talking to them in a normal tone not baby talk this way they will improve their language skills quickly. By reading to your kids and having those to pronounce words properly this will improve their language development quickly. Social emotional development is the one that is very important to me because if your child can do all the other things then they will probably have social emotional development. This is where play comes in with your child. If your child plays with you and engage in puzzle games etc, they will be able to socialize very well and express their feelings to their parents and teachers.

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