Give evidence as to why you think Mix is right or wrong.

The paper on Mark Mix must be limited to one page. It must have a cover sheet, but the text cannot exceed one page. The cover sheet and the body of the paper need to be submitted via SafeAssign together in one shot. They are a single file. The format needs to have 12-point font, be double spaced, and have one-inch margins. In the first paragraph state your thesis: What is the key point, the subject of your paper, on which you agree or disagree with Mark Mix’s opinions. Give an overview as to what you are going to say. In the second paragraph prove your point. Give evidence as to why you think Mix is right or wrong. In the third and final paragraph, summarize your view. I’ve including grading criteria in the appendix of the syllabus. To write an excellent paper:

1. Mechanics are perfect. Three or fewer grammatical-or-style errors. Punctuation, capitalization, use of main clauses, and tenses are correct and used to intelligent effect.

2. The thesis or overview is clearly stated. The conclusion summarizes your main claims.

3. The thesis and discussion integrate theories and concepts discussed in class.

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