Glass Family

The research paper needs to answer the question how did the Great Depression affect the family life of Americans like in the play \”The Glass Menagerie\” by Tennessee Williams. The essay should analyze how you think the real world context influenced the main ideas in the play the glass menagerie by Tennessee Williams. This paper should be a combination of research and literary analysis. That is, the research should give more background into the social and historical context, but you should explain how that context is reflected in the play through your literary analysis. You will need a minimum of five sources for your paper. Try to include at least one book. Other sources should be periodicals (journal, magazine, and newspaper articles). At least one of these sources must be literary criticism – an article written by an expert that analyzes your primary source (the story, poem, or play you’re writing about). Only one of these five sources may be a website. The thesis should be something like families were negatively affected during the great depression or something like that. Thank you.

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