How do language, culture, and history shape the way we think, feel, and view the world?

This is the essay question:

How do language, culture, and history shape the way we think, feel, and view the world? What do you believe about human nature? ( i.e. do you consider humans to be basically good or evil?). How are your attitudes toward "others" influenced by this belief?

These are some side notes from previous chapters that can be included in the essay:

-Who else" does not seem to fit the perceived or unofficial definition of an American?
* First-hand experience to understand the subtleties of any culture
* Apprehension, loneliness or lack of confidence are common feelings when experiencing another culture
* Cultural differences often seem threatening
* What is logical and important in one culture may seem irrational and unimportant to an outsider
* People tend to describe another’s cultural differences rather than their similarities
* All cultures have internal variations
* Cultural awareness varies among individuals
* Stereotyping or over-generalizing may be inevitable among those who lack frequent contact with another culture.

Relate and cite to Ronald Takaki, A Different Mirror: A History of Mutlicultural America

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