How does Arnold change in the novel?

The Professor Instructions: Please write a two-part essay reflecting on your work this quarter. The first part is an analysis of the novel. The second part is an evaluation of your academic writing. Please describe and evaluate your progress as a writer by discussing all the assignments you did this quarter. Organize your essay around a direct thesis statement and develop it in detail.
1) How does Arnold change in the novel? Please explain your answer by discussing relevant supporting evidence from the novel. Do not summarize the story. This is an analysis and interpretation.
2) Write about Essay 1, Essay 2, and Essay 3. What was your purpose in each essay and how well did you achieve your purpose? What do you notice about your style, organization, word choice, and sentence variety? Describe how you have changed as a writer.
The novel is called part time indian.
I will upload my work on the novel and the essayes 1,2, and 3 so you can know what are you going to write about.
please do your best, thank you, and good luck

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