How is it similar to course information and how is it different?

Select an instance in which you experienced an application of the course concept. Essay should address the following items
• Introduction: An introduction using standard introduction devices
• Define: Explain the concept, complete with definition and elaboration of key terms without discussing the event/ad/etc. Be sure to use proper APA format for paraphrasing the readings.
• Describe: Discuss the event/television show/etc. in specific detail so that we can fully aware of the situation at hand. If applicable, attach the ad, story, or provide retrieval information for media clips.
• Apply and Evaluate: Apply the concept to the event/ad/etc. to show connections between class material and your daily life. As part of this section, explain how your example is an application of course content. How is it similar to course information and how is it different? Give an assessment of the course material. Did it help you make sense of the situation? Why or why not?
• Conclusion: A conclusion using usual conclusive devices.

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