How would you answer Landon`s question about how to create a sense of urgency?

I want the writer to use simple words in simple sentences if possible. the writer could use other sources that help to answer those questions. That case study is from the Textbook: Goetsch, D., & Richburg. J. (2005). Effective Change Management: Ten Steps for Technical Professions. New Jersey: Pearson. You can use this book as one of the references.

case study: page 99
Case 3.6 You Have to Create a Sense of Urgency

“Most of our key people appear to be willing to go along with the change initiative, but Im worried that wont be good enough”, said Charles McDonald, CEO of TDI Enterprises

“What do you mean? asked Alice Landon, TDIs CFO. If the key players are willing to go along with us, what more do we need?”

“Well, I’ve been reading a book by a change expert named John Kotter”, said McDonald. “According to Kotter, just getting our people to go along isn’t good enough. You have to create a sense of urgency.”

“We were lucky to convince key players to go along with us on this change initiative. How in the world are we going to get them to feel a sense of urgency?” asked a bewildered Landon.

Discussion questions:
1. It can be difficult to get key personnel to along with a change initiative. Do you agree that “just going along” is not enough? Is a sense of urgency really necessary? Explain?

2. how would you answer Landon`s question about how to create a sense of urgency?

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