Identify a destination by researching the free destination travel guides found on the Internet.

he promotion of attractions and destinations are vital to the health of local economies, as well as the sustainability of hospitality organizations. Some local economies are heavily reliant on the saturation of attraction and destination oriented organizations in mass tourism markets, such as Orlando, Florida; Monte Carlo, Monaco; or Las Vegas, Nevada for instance. Hospitality organizations such as restaurants and hotels thrive in these environments due to the influx of tourists in these areas.

Identify a destination by researching the free destination travel guides found on the Internet. Choose a primary tourism destination that is internationally renowned for offering desirable attractions and tourism opportunities.

Write a 1 page APA styled essay on your chosen primary destination, comparing your destination to the primary tourism destination, Las Vegas, Nevada. Using viable research resources, evaluate your chosen destination, being sure to thoroughly identify the economic factors, physical or natural attractions, culture, and the non-economic factors (i.e., pollution, traffic, over population, etc.) that are characteristic of the destination.

Be sure to cover the following information:

1. What makes your chosen destination a primary tourism destination?

2. Why are travelers attracted to the destination of your choice?

3. Discuss the secondary destinations located within the primary destination.

4. Identify attributes of your chosen destination. Compare and contrast your chosen primary destination with Las Vegas, noting differences and similarities.

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