In social exchange terms, comment on how social class might influence extramarital involvement.


Book Name:
Marital and Sexual Lifestyles in the United States, written by Linda Rouse,
Instructions: Guidelines for writing analysis journals: In your journal postings, prepare by completing the assigned readings. Be brief. I am only looking for one or two paragraphs at most, and some questions can be answered in a few sentences. Stay on topic – answer all of the assigned quetions, but only give analysis, not your opinion. Analysis responses should involve conceptual clarification. You are expected to think about the scholarly implications of certain facts or ideas encountered in the associated chapter. Proofread your postings for spelling and grammatical accuracy as well as quality of content.
Unit 5: Marriage, Divorce and Sex
5a. In social exchange terms, comment on how social class might influence extramarital involvement; e.g., why might upper class persons be willing to have sexually open marriages? (This question asks you to apply social exchange theory, not to explain why you think wealthy people choose to be unfaithful. Be sure you understand and can apply social exchange theory if you choose this question.)
5b. Think of a dating, cohabiting or marital relationship you were/are in or have observed. Give examples of a way in which that relationship was/is “open” AND a way in which it was/is “closed.” Comment on how your arrangement is suited to contemporary times.

Unit 6: Sexual Morality & Sexual Hang-ups
6b. For any paraphilia other than frottage or klismaphilia, briefly explain, according to Francoeur’s model, how it might arise.

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