Information system configurations.

Answer the Research Problem question below for the three types of users listed.
You should have 3 different configurations total because there is not a one-size-fits-all with the different user needs presented. Use a budget of a max of $1,500 per machine, not the total for all three combined, and you do not have to use the entire budget. Do not include software or peripherals such as scanners or printers in the budget total.
Be sure that you specifically identify the CPU configuration, memory, disk space, and any graphics requirements, where applicable. Include a short justification of why that particular system meets the listed requirements. You may not just *cut-and-paste* your configuration specs or simply point to a URL for the configuration. A table summary would be a good way to display your information. You must include full references indicating where you obtained your information.

The users :
Find a catalog or visit the Web site of a major distributor of microcomputer equipment, such as Computer Discount Warehouse ( ) or Dell ( ). Select or configure a system that provides optimal performance for the following types of users:

1- A home user who uses word-processing software, such as Microsoft Office; a home accounting package, such as Quicken or TurboTax; children’s games; and multimedia software for editing pictures and creating video DVDs
2- An accountant who uses office software, such as Microsoft Office, and statistical software, such as SPSS or SAS, and downloads large amounts of financial data from a corporate server for statistical and financial modeling

3- An architect who uses typical office software and CAD software, such as AutoCAD

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