Map how a current event of your choice has impacted the population of your area.

1) You are to pick a country or a region of Europe that interests you. Collect at least 3 current (less than 60 days) articles from journals, news magazines or newspapers. You may even access the internet for sources. Make sure that your choice has an impact to the population of the area. You can include articles about the culture, the political scene, the environment or anything with a geographic focus.
2) Find an outline map from the internet or you can create one yourself.
3) The major goal of this exercise is to map how the current event that you chose has impacted the population of your area.
4) You have to complete this assignment by writing a one 500 word essay explaining your findings:
For example you might choose to collect articles on France. First you need to narrow your focus for the paper to maybe the current riots of the Muslim population. Your focus, however, must be geographically oriented–emphasizing space and place.
Your map of France might show where the Muslims live, where the riots happened and which parts of the Muslim population were impacted by those riots.
You must include a bibliography and cite your sources in your discussion

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