Marketing Models Integration

Marketers create messages about their product and for their customers in a variety of different ways – not just through advertising. This Chapter discusses the IMC or Integrated Marketing Communications which emphasizes how important it is for all parts of the marketing communication process to work together and to be putting out the same message. The Chapter also talks about how these messages change as a product goes through its PLC.

We have looked at various marketing models this semester – specifically the BCG Portfolio Analysis Model (BCG), the Product Life Cycle Model (PLC), and the Diffusion of Innovation (DOI or Consumer Adoption) Model. These models are integrated in much the same way as the IMC is. They all work together and should be used by various individuals within the marketing organization to help explain what is going on with the product and market.

1. Discuss each of these models in terms of what their use is within the marketing function, i.e. why these models are used, how these models are used, who in the organization (Executives, Brand Managers, Product Managers) uses these models, etc.

2. Discuss how each of these models are integrated with and/or support each other in terms of the information they provide the marketing organization.

Your assignment should be well structured using proper English language conventions (using spell check), written in MLA format, and be no more than two pages long. It should be submitted as a .doc or .docx attachment in the assignment submission area. Assignments not using MLA formatting or submitted in the wrong file type (i.e. pages, pdf, etc.) will receive no credit.

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